Avoid cross-contamination in the kitchen

Cross-contamination is something most restaurants are concerned about.  They want their customers to feel safe and not get an illness after dining in their establishment.  A great way to avoid cross-contamination is to wear different colored gloves to insure food items such as raw poultry and ready to eat items, such as lettuce, do not ever mix.  If you assign a colored Handgards Nitrile Glove (blue nitrile gloves for example) to the person who is responsible for the raw poultry and then have everyone else wear their regular gloves (like clear vinyl gloves for example) then the operator can easily see if there’s an issue.  If the operator seeing the person who is wearing the blue nitrile gloves cutting lettuce they can ask them why they are over by the lettuce with those gloves.  If the employee says that they just finished with the poultry and now they are onto lettuce, the operator can ask if they changed gloves and if they haven’t – you can avoid a cross-contamination from occurring. 

Handgards offers many different colors of nitrile gloves, such as, black, purple, blue and white.     

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