California Passes Legislation on Latex Gloves in Retail Food Establishments

California Passes Legislation on Latex Gloves in Retail Food Establishments

California Restaurants to Use Latex-Free Gloves

California has become the seventh state to pass legislation to ban latex utensils including latex gloves in retail food establishments. SB 677 Retail Food Safety: Non-latex Gloves was introduced by state Sen. Ben Allen, passed through the Legislature, and was signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom on September 5, 2019.

Local District 3 state Sen. Bill Dodd served as a co-sponsor of the bill. Latex-free gloves such as nitrile, vinyl or polyethylene will be allowed.

The law is anticipated to go into effect in early 2020.

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California Legislative Information

SB 677, Allen. Retail food safety: non-latex gloves.

Existing law, the California Retail Food Code, establishes uniform health and sanitation standards for retail food facilities and delegates the enforcement of those standards to the State Department of Public Health and local health agencies. Existing law requires that food employees minimize bare hand and arm contact with non-prepackaged food that is in a ready-to-eat form. Existing law requires food employees to use utensils, including gloves, in certain situations, such as assembling ready-to-eat food. Existing law requires food employees to wear single-use gloves when contacting food and food-contact surfaces under certain conditions, including if an employee has cuts, sores, or rashes. A violation of these provisions is punishable by a fine of at least $25 and up to $1,000, or by imprisonment in a county jail for up to 6 months, or both.

This bill would prohibit the use of latex gloves in food facilities and retail food establishments and require food employees to use non-latex utensils, including non-latex gloves. The bill would make related findings and declarations. By revising the standards enforced by local health agencies and changing the scope of an existing crime, the bill would impose a state-mandated local program.
Handgards will be distributing a POS sheet that reflects the latex-ban and will be available on our download section shortly.