Customer and Employee Safety: Glove Usage and Cross Contamination

Customer and Employee Safety: Glove Usage and Cross Contamination

How many epidemics will be started by those who have wiped a nose quickly, without even noticing it, then made a sandwich? How often will chips of nail polish end up in your entrée? Harsh statistics don’t lie and each year, 80 million people in the United States experience food poisoning, and in 5,500 of those cases, its lethal. The health of any restaurant patron is worth the effort to prevent contracting infections by such germs as E. Coli, Shigella, Salmonella, Listeria and other such pathogens.

Foodborne illnesses cost the United States billions of dollars each year and the National Restaurant Association figures show that these outbreaks can cost an operation thousands of dollars. One of the five most common food handling mistakes, or risk factors, that can cause foodborne illnesses centers on “cross contamination”. This occurs when pathogens are inadvertently transferred from one surface and or food to another.

To help prevent cross contamination from occurring, operations can utilize disposable, single use gloves. This extra source of protection is important because hand washing or hand antiseptics may not remove all potential pathogens when an employee is tasked with multiple functions in a kitchen. Going from one job in the kitchen to another, such as prepping raw chicken and then chopping salad ingredients, demonstrates the perfect foodborne illness storm. While gloves do not replace good and proper hand washing procedures, they do act as added protection.

Handgards has worked diligently to present a full line of foodservice disposable gloves that offers the right fit for the right task in any restaurant, quick serve establishment or catering environment. Offering a wide variety of gloves, from loose fitting, easy on/off Poly glove mitts and gloves, to the tighter fitting varieties of Vinyl, Nitrile and Latex, Handgards mantra of SAFETY FIRST is an ever present guard against the hazards of cross contamination. Remember, NEW TASK, WASH HANDS, NEW GLOVES – this concept will protect the well-being of your customers and employees alike.

SOURCE:  Handgards