Featured Product: Handgards Bamboo Chopsticks

Featured Product: Handgards Bamboo Chopsticks

Whether the offering is traditional Chinese, Filipino cuisine or the emerging Asian Fusion concepts, Handgards Bamboo Chopsticks are the ideal utensils for oriental cuisine and carryout needs. Offering a contemporary, innovative look to an otherwise bland presentation, Bamboo Chopsticks provide a stylish and modern option that is sure to please.

Handgards Bamboo Chopsticks are 9 inches in length and are offered in an economical and a higher-grade version. The economical option is individually packaged in an open red sleeve while the higher-grade option is connected and fully wrapped in a white envelope.

Fun Fact – Did You Know?

Most consumers simply break apart the connected chopsticks upon opening them. However, that little piece of wood that connects the chopsticks is actually there for a reason – it is a chopstick holder. Simply break that piece away from the chopsticks and use it to hold your chopsticks so that they don’t rest on the table. Keeps your table and your chopsticks clean!