Five Things To Do This 2021 Valentine’s Day

Five Things To Do This 2021 Valentine’s Day

We all know the best present you can give to your loved ones is quality time. It sounds cheesy, but it’s true! That’s why we came up with these things to do on Valentine’s Day that will make this day extra-special.

Top five things to do this 2021 Valentine’s Day for a romantic date night at home.

  1. Make dinner together – Cook a special meal with your favorite person. There are plenty of delicious recipes to choose from, like these Rustic Shrimp Toasts from Bon Appétit. 
  2. Craft delicious cocktails – Embrace your mixology skills by coming up with a signature cocktail for the night. Don’t forget to decor your drinks with Handgards’ Plastic Prism Picks, they brighten up your glasses by giving them a twist. http://handgardsuniversity.com/product-overview/expendables/product/plastic-disposable-triangle-prism-picks/?
  3. Make a charcuterie board – If you’re not up to cooking but feeling creative, skip dinner and munch on delicious bread, meats, and cheeses instead. Design your very own special charcuterie board and serve with a bottle of wine for the best romantic night in.
  4. Have a DIY Spa Day – having a calm and relaxing day after a long week is a must! Put on some atmospheric music, make homemade face masks, turn on your oil diffuser, and take a long bath with lavender-infused bath salts. 
  5. Re-create your very first date – What’s even more romantic than re-creating the first time you went out together. It’ll be a special activity for Valentine’s Day. 

Enjoy and have a Happy Valentine’s Day!