Every year since 1967 football fans across the country have participated in the most-watched football event in America. This day is one where sports fans gather together to celebrate, place friendly wagers and indulge in food and drink, some in more excess than others. It’s estimated nearly 14 million people call into work “sick” the day after the big game. If this applies to you, congratulations! You officially join millions of other fans nursing a massive football hangover and headache!

Whether you stayed up to celebrate your team’s big win, or stayed up mourning your team’s loss, you will more than likely have some sort of a hangover. It’s possible you ate yourself into a food coma and suffer from a tummy ache. Or, maybe you drank a little too much of that barley beverage and your head is pounding. Whatever the excuse, you are clearly able to celebrate National Football Hangover Day like last night’s football champions! Unfortunately, you probably won’t get a ring or an award for your efforts. You might however, get recognition from your employer for being one of the biggest fibbers on the payroll.

Treating a hangover is debatable. Some people claim to have the “almighty cure” for a hangover, while others say nursing a hangover slowly is the best cure. Hangover symptoms vary from person to person but always include headache, nausea, fatigue and often thirst. Normally, a hangover is self- treatable and requires no medical attention. A severe hangover could be serious and indicate alcohol poisoning, requiring emergency medical treatment as soon as possible. Mayo Clinic suggest staying hydrated by drinking water will help minimize a hangover. They also suggest to avoid drinking on an empty stomach because alcohol is absorbed into the body at a very quick pace.


As difficult as your headache and nausea might be today, we insist on helping you find a way to celebrate National Football Hangover Day like a football champion! The Hair of the Dog seems to be the cure for a hangover, and depending where you live the recipe varies. We found adding common ingredients like tomato or clamato juice, a raw egg, a dash of Tabasco sauce and Worcestershire sauce, lemon juice and vodka to a blender and mixing well, then drinking, will lead you in the right direction for recovery!

Share your hangover experience, including your own hangover concoction on social media using  #FootballHangoverDay.

(Remember to drink responsibly and never drink and drive.)


National Football Hangover Day was submitted by ESPN host and sports personality Katie Nolan, Always Late with Katie Nolan, in January 2019. Katie wanted to give back to sports fans by devoting an entire day for the recovery of the big game day celebrations the night before. She wanted to give special recognition and honor those fans who have spent the entire football season shedding tears and toasting cheers for their favorite football team.  The Registrar at National Day Calendar proclaimed the day to be celebrated annually beginning in 2019.

Source: National Day Calendar