New Product Updates

New Product Updates

Flat Packed Chef Hats

This product is meant to offer a new option for operators looking for a cost-effective way to bring their uniform presentation to a new level. The new chef hats will be available in two sizes, 8”and 10” in height. One key feature is that these disposable viscose hats will include an adjustable Velcro closure, for a snug comfortable fit. Finishing touches are being worked on and these should be available soon.

Thin Nitrile Gloves

The new thin nitrile gloves, now the SoftFit™ Nitrile Gloves are the perfect choice for operators looking for a cost-effective vinyl or latex alternative. These new gloves are strikingly soft and comfortable, with their thin design allowing them to be lighter than ever. SoftFit™ lightweight gloves will have users feeling like they’re wearing a protective second skin, with the strength and flexibility of quality nitrile.

Keep in touch with your Handgards rep to follow the progress of these items and a couple more in the works!