New Year’s Resolutions for Sales Savy Reps

New Year’s Resolutions for Sales Savy Reps

At the start of a new year, everything seems to reset, and one year of work gets logged as “the past”. Whether last year was filled with successes or stumbles, those times are gone and it’s time again to keep moving forward with 365 brand new opportunities. Using a fresh perspective, here are some resolutions sales reps can keep in mind when tackling the new year.

1. Stay informed

Especially in the business sector, information, professional techniques and customers change constantly and without warming. If they don’t stay up to date, reps can fall behind and make critical mistakes. Industry trends, global policy and changes in customer needs are things to look out for.

2. Leverage new technology 

With so many new ways to get things done, why stick to the less efficient ways of the past? Think of aspects of your work that slow you down the most and do a quick search to see if there’s a tech solution to it. Chances are that there is, so don’t miss out. Staying ahead of the game shows your customer that you’re an industry leader, not follower. However, be careful to cater to your specific customer segment, some may not feel so comfortable with change.

3. Take advantage of  all available materials and resources

Sometimes it’s easier to find your own way around things, but it’s important to reach out to your staff for help. Stay in contact with other company departments and learn to seek out and use everything you have at your disposal.  For example, ask your marketing department for the tools you need to make a sale.

4. Seek out innovation opportunities 

No matter how long you’ve been working for a certain company, always be on alert for new needs to meet. As a sales rep, you are the face of the company and likely interact with the customer more than any other department. This means you understand their needs and the sales environement in a unique way and your perspective is invauable. Keep your team up to date on what your find and what products you think could increase profitability.

5. Live in the moment 

Between e-mails, phone calls, meetings and travel, some people can lose track of what it’s all for. Remember your motivation, which ever it is and frame your goals around that. However, don’t forget about the simplest joys in life: moments of peace, silly jokes, bonding with friends and precious family experiences. When it’s all over, what will you remember and treasure the most? 

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