Premium Alternative to Latex – Handgards Nitrile Gloves

Premium Alternative to Latex – Handgards Nitrile Gloves

Handgards is proud to offer a wide range of exceptional, high quality foodservice gloves to our customers. A premium replacement for those customers that need a non-latex option, is Handgards line of Nitrile Gloves. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), approximately 8-12% of workers that regularly use latex gloves can develop a sensitivity to natural latex. This includes health care providers, hairdressers and foodservice employees. Allergic reaction symptoms can vary depending on the person, but can range from itchy skin, redness and runny nose to more severe symptoms such as asthma.

Made with a non-allergenic, non-irritating, and non-toxic material, Nitrile Gloves provide an excellent latex free alternative that is durable, tight fitting and puncture resistant (NOT PUNCTURE PROOF). Available in powder free, Handgards Nitrile Gloves are offered in four different colors – Black, Purple, Blue and White. By utilizing a colored glove, this allows heightened visibility to an on duty manager making it easier to ensure proper food safety procedures are being followed. Colored gloves also add to the unique environment of the open air kitchen concepts that are currently on trend.

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