Pan Liners

Ovenable Pan Liners - 34 x 16

Ovenable Pan Liners are made of Nylon material that can withstand temperatures up to 400°F.  PanHandlers® products help you handle food preparation. Make clean-up a snap with two complete families of disposable pan liners and cooking bags. Designed to provide a sanitary way to hold, transport, cook, and serve food from steam pans to baking pans. At the end of the day, simply twist tie leftovers and store or dispose. Save on time, labor, and cost of cleaning chemicals. Eliminate scouring and scrubbing of pans to remove baked-on foods.

Recommended Pan Sizes:

  • Full Pan (2″, 4″ or  6″ depth)
  • Half Long Pan (2″, 4″ or  6″ depth)
Pan Liners
Ovenable Pan Liners
Half Long Pan, Full Pan, 6 inch pan depth, 4 inch pan depth, 2 inch pan depth
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Pan Handlers
OPL 34x16

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