Resources to Help Celebrate National Nutrition Month

Resources to Help Celebrate National Nutrition Month

Every March, registered dietitian nutritionists celebrate National Nutrition Month®! During National Nutrition Month®, health and nutrition professionals share their knowledge and tips with patients, clients, family, friends and the community to increase awareness about the importance of good nutrition. Nutrition.gov has resources that can help people of all ages make healthier food choices and live an active lifestyle.

Nutrition.gov’s Life Cycle section serves as a gateway to age-specific nutrition information from infants to older adults. It provides tips for healthy eating during pregnancy and for women who are breastfeeding. Need tips for young, picky eaters? The Toddlers page has resources for parents, teachers and caregivers on building healthy mealtime habits, snack tips and ways to get young kids involved in the kitchen. The Children section includes interactive websites and games that kids can play to learn about nutrition, physical activity and food safety. Also, find kid-friendly recipes to try at home!

If you are a parent of teenagers, or teach them in the classroom, check out For Parents, Caregivers, and Teachers, located in the Teens section of the website. Here you will find free educational materials that can be used at home or in the classroom. Teens can also go to the Teens section to learn more about making positive food and lifestyle choices.

Nutrition.gov also provides resources for men, women and older adults, including tips for making better food choices, healthy eating as we age, interactive tools, recipes and physical activity tips. For more resources, and to stay up-to-date on what’s new, follow Nutrition.gov on Twitter. Happy National Nutrition Month®!

Source: USDA

Photo source: USDA SNAP-Ed Photo Gallery