Save time and money with Handgards Pan Liners

Save time and money with Handgards Pan Liners

Handgards has a wide selection of ovenable pan liners that are a perfect choice for a kitchen to utilize with the baking, holding and serving of larger proteins, such as ham, turkey or chicken. Our Pan Handlers line of Ovenable Pan Liners and Ovenable Roasting Bags can save your operation Time, Money, Pans and Food. How you ask? Take a look!

Save Time: by spending less time scrubbing baked on food

Save Money: by cutting costs associated with labor intensive cleaning/washing of pans

Save Pans: by protecting them from baked on foods

Save Food: by allowing foods to basted in their own juices – they retain food moisture for an overall better taste

With the Ovenable liners and bags you can cook, bake and roast up to 400°F and they are safe to go directly from the freezer to microwave, steam table, crock pot or oven. The roasting bags retain food moisture for a better quality and a juicier end product. The Steam Pan Liners are perfect for steam table warmers, food warmers, slow cookers and soup pots. While not designed for use in ovens, they can go direct from freezer to microwave and can withstand temperatures of up to 220°F. With winter upon us, soups are a great menu addition and the insert liner for crockpots are an added value, as they allow for cooking, storing if there are any left overs or allow for easy clean-up, with a simple pull from pot and toss into the trash.