Spring into the season with bright, vegetable-forward drinks

Spring into the season with bright, vegetable-forward drinks

This spring, introduce produce-packed beverage offerings to liven up your restaurant’s menu. As the weather heats up, help your guests of all ages cool off by serving enticing, chilly, healthful drinks.

According to the National Restaurant Association’s 2018 “What’s Hot” chefs’ survey, vegetable-forward cuisine is the third most popular culinary concept trend. To add rich color, nutrients and earthy sweetness to your fruit smoothies, let carrots play a role in your liquid concoctions. Here are three flavor combinations to help your culinary creativity blossom:

  • Island-inspired. Combine finely shredded carrots, frozen mango slices, cored strawberries, 100 percent mango juice and ice in a blender and run until smooth. Top off with bite-sized mango pieces on a skewer.
  • Zingy. Liquefy carrots, then pulse in spinach, apple and pineapple chunks and 100 percent apple juice until smooth. Infusing a sliver of fresh ginger into your mixture can increase the nutritional value and add a refreshing zing.
  • Citrusy. After liquefying carrots, add peeled orange slices, 100 percent orange-tangerine juice blend, and nonfat Greek yogurt to your blender. For natural sweetness, include banana in your concoction.