Take these 3 steps to keep technology customer-safe

Take these 3 steps to keep technology customer-safe

As National Food Safety Month continues, we’re focusing on the responsibility restaurateurs have in making sure the technology their customers use when dining out is clean and safe to use.

With this year’s theme focused on “The Future of Food Safety,” it seems natural to highlight the role technology plays. Today, restaurants are not only implementing new ways to take orders, but also offering payment options and even delivering food to off-premise customers through on-demand delivery services.

Here are three ways you can help keep your customers safe:

  1. If you are offering iPads or other tablets at the table or in kiosks for customer use, make sure they are properly and frequently cleaned and sanitized to reduce the risk of foodborne illness. Check manufacturer recommendations for proper cleaning of the devices.
  1. As more off-premise diners look to order food from your restaurants, third-party delivery services are growing in popularity. It is important for these third-party services to ensure the food is kept at appropriate temperatures to avoid bacterial growth. Also, avoiding cross-contamination from dirty vehicles or dirty hands is essential. What can you do? Here are a few suggestions:
  • Prepare the food as close to delivery time as possible
  • Put the foods in tightly sealed containers to avoid cross-contamination
  • Work with the delivery services to limit the delivery range and stress the importance of timely delivery
  1. Engage in social sharing and accessible news platforms to get the word out regarding your food safety programs. This will go a long way to help ensure your business maintains its reputation for cleanliness and healthfulness.

Technology is part of the future of food safety. Use it wisely.

Source: National Restaurant Association