Men’s health is the focus of Wear BLUE Day on June 14th. By wearing blue, you are saying you support the men in your life to lead a healthy lifestyle, and you care about their health.

As part of the campaign that includes Men’s Health Month and Men’s Health Week in June, Wear BLUE Day encourages us to take stock of our health choices and become more aware of health risks. Men are more likely to skip health checkup than women. At the same time, they are more likely to take chances with their health choices.  The three leading causes of death for mean according to the Centers for Disease Control are cancer, heart disease, and accidents.  

The Wear BLUE Campaign provides an opportunity for employers, communities and other organizations to hold events to raise awareness about concerns surrounding men’s health and how they can take charge.  The day is also a way for loved ones to show their encouragement for the men in their lives. 


Sponsor a Wear BLUE fundraiser to raise money for prostate cancer or to provide education about diabetes, heart disease or stroke. To find out more, visit www.menshealthnetwork.org and use #WearBlueDay to share on social media. 


The Men’s Health Network founded the Wear BLUE Day campaign to raise awareness concerning men’s health. 

Source: National Day Calendar