How to Use LinkedIn to Expand Your Connections

How to Use LinkedIn to Expand Your Connections

Tips on how to use LinkedIn and connect with more people! 

  1. Improve your profile
  • Your sales and business goals are constantly evolving and changing. Checking your LinkedIn profile for accuracy and improvement is a must!
  • How often should you modify it? We think at least once a month.  
  • Not sure what to update?
  • Make sure your profile’s visible and your profile picture is professional. Do not change your profile pic too frequently, it’s not Instagram or FACEBOOK.
  • Update your location – this will improve for accuracy when someone searches for say, “Plastic companies in El Paso Area”.
  • Add skills that are key for people in the food service industry.
  • Add a background – do not forget to mention the company you work for and your field.
  1. Invite people to connect
  • Connecting not only means online but also offline. You can add your profile on your business cards.
  • Also, create a customized URL. It’ll be easier for people to find your profile.
  1. Join groups strategically
  • Our favorite tip: Join groups to expand your networking! Joining groups that are focused on topics you feel are most likely to bring potential customers closer to you is important, as you’ll be able to connect with them more easily.
  1. Use tags/keywords to keep connections organized
  • Include keywords that make you more searchable and will help you reinforce the story of who you are and what you can do.
  • Add tags that you think potential clients will look for.
  • Tags will also help you remember people and build relationships.
  1. Try advanced search
  • At the very top of LinkedIn, you’ll find a search window with the word “Advanced”. Click on it and it’ll take you to the search page where you can customize it and connect with a specific person. Pro-tip: you can search different fields with 3 degrees of separation. Example; you can search by company, industry, location, and so forth.