Handgards Disposable Aprons & Bibs

Handgards Disposable Aprons & Bibs

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    Handgards’ disposable poly aprons are recommended for all prep and serving duties. They protect uniforms and clothing, and combined with proper hygiene practices and frequent changes, can help reduce the possibility of cross contamination and the potential transfer of harmful bacteria or viruses. Dirty or soiled cloth aprons can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Microbes can double in number quickly and harmful viruses can also spread quickly.

    Handgards’ disposable bibs are made of embossed Low Density Polyethylene film. The bibs are designed to protect clothing from food spills.

    • Aprons & Bibs (1:29 mins)
    • Aprons Overview
    • Benefits of using Aprons
    • Bibs Overview
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