Handgards Poly & Specialty Gloves

Handgards Poly & Specialty Gloves

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    Specialty Gloves Product Training Video Contents

    Handgards is completely integrated in its polyethylene glove manufacturing process, thus assuring total control from receipt of resin to shipment of product. Handgards also complies with all good manufacturing practices. We have gloves available in embossed and smooth textures.  Embossing creates tiny air pockets permitting air to circulate around the hand.

    Handgards 100% Latex Rubber Reusable gloves have textured grip, are perfect for light to medium-duty janitorial chores and housekeeping tasks.

    • Specialty Gloves (4:48 mins)
    • Poly Disposable Gloves Overview
    • General Purpose Reusable Gloves
    • Cut Resistant Reusable Glove
    • Product Packaging Overview
    • Lot Control for tracking
    • Marketing Material Information